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Lets Talk Brow Pigments!

Dermelite Oxford offers Semi Permanent Make Up (SPMU) Services with a Pigment Range called Permablend, brought all the way over from the states. This pharmaceutical grade pigments have long lasting staying power and are Vegan. Dermelite Oxford has chosen this pigment range specifically with the view to offering a better pigment selection for clients with longer lasting results and a reduction to faded discoloured brows. Now you may or may not know that generally our skin tone used to fall into 3 pigment categories. For those with pale skin who burn easily, blonde haired, blue eyed, SPMU Technicians were taught to use a yellow based pigment on them. For ladies and gents who had a more olive based skin tone and would easily tan (this is quite broad range of skin types), the base colour we would choose would be a red based pigment, which was generally the most popular colour selection. Now for people of a darker skin tone, Asian, mixed race all the way through to dark African coloured skin, a blue based pigment would be selected. Now this colour selection theory of yellow, red and blue based pigments was all go

od and well for the first 6-12 months, but clients may find that if they didn’t have their colour retouched after 12 months religiously that they find their eyebrows would begin to take on a reddish/orange or purpley/blue hue. This is because the darker colours would fade (i.e the brown colour) and the base colour would be left in the skin and take longer to fade. Now the great thing that Permablend have discovered is if they change the base colour of these pigments so that they are all yellow based, as the browns begin to fade, clients wont be left with salmon pink or blue/grey and whats more, Permablends pigments stay true to their colour for longer so clients are left with better looking natural brows!

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