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Here at Dermelite Beauty Oxford we have a two way approach to achieving fantastic looking healthy skin! How? I will tell you but first let me ask YOU a question! If you wanted to lose weight would you a) go to the gym but continue to eat processed foods/chocolate/takeaways? Or b) Eat clean healthy food AND workout? The answer of course is B, in order to achieve healthy glowing skin, a two way approach is also needed. This is because applying topical creams (moisturers and night creams) to your skin may make them feel quite nice and

soft initially, but your skin only absorbs around 6% of these creams, so whilst marketing companies will have us all believe that we are going to significantly reduce the depth of our fine lines and wrinkles or clear up problematic skin conditions with these magic pots of goodness, in reality its what goes on under your skin which is going to make the biggest difference. Now don’t misunderstand me, topical creams do have some effect and can offer protection to your skin, or a barrier, against dirt and pollution, as well as protecting from the weather and in many case offering a sunscreen to prevent damage from UVA and UVB rays. So don’t throw your La Praire products in the bin just yet. By combining a suitable topical skincare product with a skin specific skincare supplement from The Advanced Nutrition Programme, available in stock and to order from DermElite Beauty Oxford, you are treating the base layer of your skin, the Dermis, or the foundation of your skin, and infusing it with specially formulated vitamins to promote healthy cell growth and target skin concerns. Independent research by the IIAA (International Institute of Anti-Aging) has proved that this combined approach to feeding the deeper layers of your skin over your entire body will help you achieve radiant, youthful skin by optiminising and accelerating the skins results in the shortest period of time. If you would like to find out more about The Advanced Nutrition Programme, book an appointment with Danielle at Dermelite Oxford for a chat and find at what products would be most suitable for you.

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